Land Space Technology Corporation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Land Space) is a Chinese private aerospace enterprise engaged in the R&D and operations of launch vehicles. Focusing on small and medium scale commercial aerospace application market, Land Space is devoted to the development of Liquid-fuel Rocket Engines (LREs) and low-cost commercial launch vehicles with independent intellectual property rights. Currently, LandSpace has developed the ZQ-1 and ZQ-2 launcher. In the future of 

ZQ-1, a three-stage solid propellant launch vehicle, has performed its maiden flight in Oct 2018 in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Satellite. 

ZQ-2: it would be the first model of the LOX+LCH4 liquid launcher and performed its maiden flight at the end of year 2020. Start of its commercial flight in 2021.

ZQ-2 Dev schedule:

2019.03 Scheme design review

2020.03 Preliminary design review and the launcher test model commencement

2020.10 Launcher system Assembly finish

2020.11 System test finish

2020.11 Pre-shipment Review

2020.12 Transport to launch site; Ready for launch

 ZQ-2A, ZQ-2B, ZQ-2C will be evolved based on the ZQ-2, by adding enlarged fairing and a third stage, and 2 and 4 strapped boosters, respectively.

Our mission is to make the launch of your small satellite as simple and ‘easy’ as possible, for you. We can offer you a complete package deal, taking care of all the aspects of the launch, or we can offer you a solution tailored to your specific needs.

ISL offers regular piggyback launch opportunities for microsatellites, nanosatellites, and CubeSats, to low earth orbit or beyond, on a variety of different launch vehicles. Different orbit types and specific launch periods may also be available on request.

If you would like to receive a launch offer please fill in the form or send an email to  HYPERLINK "" \t "_top"

A   Launch services

Launch TT&C, insurance placement, S/C-LV interface coordination, financial arrangement.

B   Technical solutions

Offering system and subsystem technical demonstration, consultation, and system design etc.

C   Component products and services

Offering launcher-relevant propulsion systems, launcher structure systems, ground test and control support systems. The development and technical service of TCR system, software and hardware and other products for launcher development

D   Customized service program

Customized satellite service and supporting launch vehicle development and launch as requested.



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