The first ignition run-test for gas generator of the 80t-thrust-level LOX+LCH4 LRE independently developed by LandSpace was conducted successful just after the new year’s day of 2019.WechatIMG157.jpeg

The test run was completed on the LandSpace’s self-built LRE hot-run test platform. Rounds of ignition tests performed consecutively and the technical assessment made under different working conditions as high and low working conditions, in high and low mix ratio with the expected technical goals achieved. The validity of the design and workmanship of the gas generator, as well as the manufacturing quality are verified by the test. The same batch of gas generators will be applied into the turbo-pump joint test and the overall LRE system test, which comprehensively advances the development of 80t-thrust-level LOX+LCH4 LRE (TQ-12).





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